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.:.Kiryuu.:.Oblivious.:.Zero.:.Request for NightenxGale

Name: Kaya Yagari Age: 17 (Zero aged: 18 ) Race: Human/Noble – Blood Vampire (Originally C rank- they don’t even realize they have vampire blood. Sometimes the blood lies dormant with in them until when the time comes) Family: Toga Yagari, uncle. Mother (Kira) killed by unknown vampires, father unknown. Looks:Pic up above (Soft Light Brown Hair, blue-green mixed eyes, short, pale skin.) Powers: Water, Can control water and create it, She's gotten to the point were she can control blood in a person’s body, and pull it out of them. Personality: Often quiet, can be talkative once she feels safe, used to be happy and cheerful, bouncy, energetic, and a sweet warm smile. Horoscope Sign: Pisces STORY START: "When did you choose this decision, Kaya?" Your uncle Toga asks, you smile up at him. "Days ago, and besides they need the added help." You reply. Grabbing your stuff, heading on out the door, with of course your uncle right behind taking you there. "Uncle, why do you oppose?" You ask, he looks at you and smiles. "You already know, so why ask?" He says, you look at him. "Are you agreeing to go or is it to see your student?" You ask, he says nothing in reply. 'Thought so.' You think, smiling triumphantly. The drive took just about the whole day, luckily you were to excited to fall asleep. You looked all around the scenery, until your uncle pulls up next to a house. It wasn't small, not very large. He gets out, walking around the car to the front door. He knocks a few times, then looks at you over his shoulder from the car. You shake your head, holding back a small laugh, with a stare to him as you thought 'See he isn't home.' Toga talks another puff of his cigarette, then puts it out as he took his time walking back to the car, opening and closing the door. "Don't even say it, Kaya." He says, looking at your smug expression. "I didn't, so where to now?" You ask, crossing your arms in front of yourself. "To the school." He responds, starting the car once again. The day slowly turned to dusk, he pulls up to a very large gold looking gate. "Come on." He says getting out of the car, walking up to the gate with you following behind. "We going to see Uncle Cross?" You ask, smiling as you called his ex-vampire slaying friend. "Yes." He replies simply, his tone very unhappy, yet he kept walking on. You both finally arrived to the Headmaster's door, you knocked on it softly, then entered without waiting for a reply, "Hey Uncle Cross!" You shout, as the man with glasses turns to your voice, with his arms wide open. "Kaya, Yagari what brings you both here?" He asks, already knowing, but waited for your uncle to reply. "You know why I'm here, but you also know I couldn't leave Kaya alone either not while I didn't know how long I would be." Yagari says, taking another puff of his cigarette. "Alright, so Kaya are you wishing to join our cause then?" Cross asks you, as you nodded your head, then stopped. "What cause?" You ask, as it finally came to thought. "The night class, I'm sure you're eager to see Zero and Yuuki too." He says, smiling at your brightly, glowing face. "I guess so." Came your response, as you were hiding the excitement behind you eyes. "Alright then, I'll prepare the transcripts, and Kaya dear would you mind assisting both Yuuki and Zero?" Cross adds, while writing some stuff down. "I don't mind." You reply, looking at your uncle again, only to see a certain unhappy look upon his face. "You start tomorrow, Kaya you won't be able to attend for two days until everything is documented." Cross says, after a few minutes of silence. "Ok, so I'll stay in town then." You reply, walking to the window and looking out. You repacked your stuff into your suitcase, then grabbed your backpack, since today you are to start in the day class, and work at night. 'I hope they'll be happy to see me.' You thought, in reference to Yuuki and Zero. Although your uncle has been there, you did find out that he pulled his weapon on Zero in the fountain while Yuuki protected him. Even you at times couldn't understand why, but you knew that Zero was soon to fall to a level E and that alone scared even you. You checked out of the hotel, ran until you were near and out of breath, then you walked up the hill to the school. As you were near the gate two cars pulled up behind you. A girl and boy stepped out from each of the cars, and walked up near you. "Hello." They say, you look and reply back, "Hi, I'm Kaya Yagari." They blinked and looked at each other, then the boy asks, "Are you related to Toga Yagari, vampire hunter?" You tilted your head, then smiled, "I see, your noble rank vampires, and yes he's my uncle." You reply. You walked with the two until you both split to different ways. You walked to the Headmaster's office to grab your class schedule, upon nearing the door you hear shouting, the voice very familiar, "Kaya will be joining us then?" "Yes, she should be here any moment, Zero why don-" "Because she's going to be in the way, I don't need another daydreamer like Yuuki!" "Zero!" Yuuki says, giving him the look that she would slap him till he flipped. "Zero, what would you say to her, after all she is sort of in the same position as you are, no mother and father, only the uncle and having no where to really call a home." Cross says defending you. They didn't hear you enter, but Yuuki and Cross see you with a sadden expression on your face as you hear Zero, "I don't care." His growl echoed, and both Yuuki and Cross look down. He notices then turns around seeing you standing there. "I am here to grab my schedule, Headmaster Cross." You say, holding back tears, and Yuuki, Cross and Zero noticed you didn't call Kaien Cross 'Uncle'. "Ah yes, here you go Kaya." He says, handing you your paper. You turned to leave, and as you got to the door you hear Yuuki, "Kaya, would you like me to show you around?" You look at her from over your shoulder, with a fake smile but she didn't know, only one person aside from Cross knew that wasn't your real smile, Zero knew. "That would be very helpful, Yuuki." You say, then both you and her walk out the door and went on a quick tour of the school grounds, and she took you to your room, with no roommate either. ~~Zero's POV~~ "You know don't you?" He asks, after they've left. "What?" I reply, Kaien turns around to face the window to his left, as he replies, "She heard everything, and her smile…" He trailed off at the end, but I knew what he meant. "You know she won't back down from being a guardian." He finishes, as I turned around to leave, with my hands into a fist. The feeling of guilt building deep inside, I couldn't help but take it upon myself. I punched the wall as I started to walk down the steps, with my thoughts solely on how my words hurt her, 'Kaya….damnit.' I went on ahead to class, still angry. As I sat there starring off in space Yuuki and Kaya entered the room, I looked down as he announced her as the new student. Kaya's gaze moved all around, she didn't seem sad, but when she met my gaze she quickly looked away. "This is Yagari, Kaya. She's a new student joining. Now go sit somewhere." He says, to her. She went to sit with Yuuki as everyone starred at her. I didn't understand but Kaya was like a close person to me, much like Yuuki is. For some reason, I was hurting both of them but neither took that out on me and as we were children both Kaya and Yuuki stood by my side. Even though Yuuki and I haven't seen Kaya in ten months, she still sent a letter to Yuuki, Kaien and me. Again I kept starring at the back of Kaya's head, and like many of the boys in our class they too saw what beauty she is. ~~Regular POV~~ The class rolled on by, like time had no boundaries that were held. "Alright Kaya, its time." Yuuki says pulling up her guardian sleeve. "Yep got it." You reply, smiling. Yuuki's attention turned to where as you followed to see no Zero sitting there. "Skipping out again." She growled, balling her fist. "Forget about him, lets go." You say snapping her out of her own daze. You both get to where the night class dorms are, and as you thought a large, mob of girls and a few guys stood cheering there lungs off. "Is it always this loud?" You ask, Yuuki still holding the left side of the group as you held the right side. "This is nothing, wait until Val-aaaahhh." Yuuki says, as she falls down. One of the vampires' held his hand out. Many girls gritted their teeth watching them. "Kaname-senpai, thank you." Yuuki stutters, lost but a sudden hand reaches from behind Yuuki, her face turned annoyed. "Z-zero!" She started, but as the group started walking passed you, the one you knew as Kaname Kuran looks to you. His eyes scanning over you, he nods and continues on. "SHOWS OVER, NOW HIT THE SACK!" You shout, everyone except for you, Yuuki and Zero were gone. "Loud mouth." Zero mutters, you look at him, starring daggers. "What d-" You started but Yuuki stepped in the way, "Come now Kaya-chan lets go this way." She says, and you followed. Your thoughts drifted as you looked up at the glowing silver like moon, a small smile crept upon your lips. The sudden sound of the trees swaying grabs your attention. "Aido-senpai, Kain-senpai." Yuuki says as the young blonde vampire had his grip on Yuuki, the other just watched shaking his head like he disapproved. Suddenly, your body begun to be enraged, water surrounded the two vampires. They look around and sensed another strong, one of there kind but to their knowledge you were human, but the water started to sting their pale flesh, and soon he let Yuuki go. Once he did, your anger disappeared, and so did the water. With your body suddenly dropping, you faintly hear Yuuki call your name. A pair of arms wraps around your body, his eyes as red like blood, you knew those eyes, Kuran held you up from falling. -Three days later- You woke with pain, striking every part of your nerve endings. The smell of smoke from a familiar man sitting not far from you, you coughed lightly. "You know that is a hazard, for my health." You say looking over at him. "Your point." He replies, then Kaien walks in with Yuuki right behind. "Kaya do you know what happened?" He asks, you look up at him as he peered down from his glasses. "What do you mean?" You ask, rather confused. "Kaya you didn't see the water?" Yuuki asks, stunned. "Water?" You questioningly ask. "Seems just before you passed out, water suddenly formed around to protect,Yuuki, and Kuran carried you up here right after." He says, your uncle takes another puff, then leaves. "Really." You reply, shocked. ~~Toga's POV~~ I leaned against the door, closing my eyes as I continued to puff my smoke. It was happening again, as I remembered after my sister and brother in law was attacked, with little Kaya crying. Also during that night, a vampire tried to sneak up from behind, but as that happened Kaya no longer cried and I heard the sounds of running water. Once the vampire died, Kaya blacked out. "Toga." Kaien's voice calls, I open my eyes to see that worried expression on his face. "Yeah" I reply, dabbing out my finished smoke. "There is something I should say." He says, taking his glasses off and wiping them, he continues on, "According to Kaname, Kaya was the one controlling the water." This didn't come to a shock to you, it only confirmed what I already had known. "I figured." I muttered, slowly walking away. "I know, I remember that one time. Is that why you kept her close during these last ten months?" He asks, I nodded taking out another smoke, lighting it up, "I don't know why either, I figured coming here since she's been having strange dream that it would help, but now I think it wasn't the best option for her." I say, silence falls around as we entered his office, then he replies. "You don't think." I look to him, then out the window I was next to, "If she was, wouldn't she be like Zero?" I ask, he sits down then someone else in the room replies as he stepped out of the shadows, "Not really, she may be like of noble." Kaname says, this got my attention and Kaien's. "How so." Kaien asks, as I balled my hands to a fist. "She may have vampire blood, silently inside of her, and possibly with out her knowing." He adds. ~~Regular POV~~ "Don't move so fast, you may still faint." Yuuki says, you smile up at her. "Fine." You reply, laying back down. "Hey, Yuuki." You call, looking at the palms of your hands. "Do you remember what happened?" You add, moving your gaze to her. "Not fully, I remember Aido and Kain-senpai, then water forming around them, and before I knew it you were passed out in Kaname-senpais arms." She says, you looked once again to your hands, barely remembering this similar event once before. "Oh." You simply say, then look up at the ceiling, lost in thought. "You should rest, and if anything I'll take notes for you." Yuuki says, heading out the door. You close your eyes, hoping to fall asleep. Moments later, what felt like hours to you, the door suddenly opens and closes. "Kaya." You hear, opening your eyes, there hovering over is Zero. "Hm." You reply, tiredly. "How do you feel?" He ask, this made you jolt up in a siting position, "Are you really Zero?" You ask, putting his question aside. "Kaya, just answer." He growls, and that told you everything. "I'm fine….geez." You reply, mumbling the end. "Why do you care, Zero?" You ask, looking away. "I don't." He calmly replies. "Hm then what do you want?" "Kaya can't you just..." He says quickly, but stops. "Just?" You push, trying to see if he would finish, but instead he walks out just as fast. 'Zero.' You thought, looking down sadly. You stood up shakily, grabbing your uniform and dressing yourself. Slowly you walk to the door, opening it to stick your head out. "What do you think your doing?" A voice asks, you look to the right to see your uncle walking towards the door. "Well I figured since I'm ok, I should go to class." You laugh, as you open the rest of the door. "Kaya you shouldn't move around so much." He replies, taking the cigarette out of his mouth. "I know, but I didn't come here to lay around, we came for a reason in which you still refuse to tell me. So can we just drop this and I go back to class, you don't need to worry about me." You reply, walk away from him. He watches you until you were no more in his sights. After a flight of steps, and a few turns and walk down of the hallway you've arrived to your class. Opening the door, "Alright, finish...Ok Yagari I assume you're feeling better?" The teacher asks, you nodded, heading up to your seat. Both Zero and Yuuki watch, you could see the worry in Yuuki's eyes, but as you look to Zero his gaze moves else where. "Alright I want you to take out your books, read chapters nine and ten. For your homework write an essay about the two chapters." The teacher says, as you sit down. You pull out your book, opening to the ninth chapter and begun to read just like everyone else, "Did you just walk out of the medic office?" Yuuki asks, knowing you very well. "Heh sort of." You whisper back. "Sort of?" Yuuki questions, getting everyone's attention. "Cross, is there something you wish to discuss with the class?" The teacher asks, Yuuki stood up and replies, "No sensei, I read out loud by accident." Yuuki sits back down and returns to reading. Two hours went by and you were already writing your essay, Yuuki fell asleep, and so did Zero. The bell rung dismissing class, "Kiryuu, Cross stay after class." The teacher yells, seeing them asleep. "I'll go on ahead and start my perfect duties until you and Zero come." You say, grabbing your things and walking on out. ~~Yuuki's POV~~ "Why did you shout earlier." Yori asks, "Well Kaya, was to stay in the medic room until let go, but she left without permission." I reply, I look behind to see what Zero would say, but he was gone. "ZERO!" I shout. ~~Regular POV~~ You knew you still have time left before you were to be by the night class dorms, so you walked by the school fountain. Sitting on the edge, just gazing at your reflection until you suddenly slap your hand in the water blurring your own reflection. "Damn." You murmured standing up, as you started to walk again, you hear the horses. You head on to the stable, as you peek your head in you see a sleeping silver hair boy. You smiled to yourself, seeing Zero so innocently there you couldn't help by step in quietly. You tip toed to his side, the horse nearest making loud sounds. You leaned forward, your nose just about to touch his. You couldn't help but take your finger tips and lightly pressing them to his lips, he then grabbed your hand flipping you on your back. "What are you doing?" He growls, this made you laugh. "I know you could hear me, yet you didn't move until I touched your lips, hm." You mock, laughing lightly. He lets your wrist go from his right hand, then gets up. "I was trying to ignore you." He says, this time out of all the times he's said such harsh words, this hurt the most. "Whatever." You say, the sound of your sadden voice echoed. You stood up, leaving him behind, not once looking back because tears ran down your cheeks. Instead of directly going to your dorm you went on toward the night class dorms. Like usual a large group awaited there. You took your finger tips, lightly patting the tears away. "Step back, hey get off there." You hear Yuuki say, and shouting to the young girl up by the gate. "STEP BACK, AND DO WHAT WE ASK!" You shout, everyone did, and the girl that was climbing fell only to be caught by Zero. Immediately you look away, your gaze falls on Yuuki, as she smiles up at you. "Thanks Kaya." She says, as you reach your hand out to hers giving her like a high five. "No problem." You smile, hoping she wouldn't notice. "Are you alright Kaya?" She asks, you nodded looking up as the front gate as it opens. Her attention turns to that and she forgets momentarily what she was asking you. Holding back the day students, as the night student come out, still you didn't look to Zero. Kaname looks around to Yuuki he also sees you, this enrages Zero. "How are you feeling Yuuki, Kaya?" Kaname asks, you both look to him. "Fine, Kaname-senpai." Yuuki says, smiling. "Good." You simply say, he looks at your face, his hand reaches to your cheeks. "Then how come your cheeks are stained with tears?" He replies, this not only has all the day class starring, but Yuuki and Zero too. "I am tired, so some stray ones went down my cheek, nothing really to be worried about." You laugh nervously, he lets it go knowing you seem to not want to say, but Kaname's gaze moves to Zero. "You should be more aware." He says, firmly. You and Yuuki look to each other then to Zero and Kaname. A few minutes go by and night class was out of sight, the day class students head on to the dorms. You walk around with Yuuki, both glancing around from the top balcony nearest to the night class. "You're too obvious." You say, looking to her from over your shoulder. "On what?" She replies, still looking into the window. "How you're in love with him." You say, walking to her as you see where her gaze is. "K-kaya." She stutters, her cheeks brightly hue like a red rose. "See." You laugh pointing to her cheeks. She pokes your left side, and laughs as you laugh harder. "Nee-chan enough, I can't breathe with you poking my side." You say, calming your laughter so that you're able to breathe again. "Kaya?" You hear, looking into her eyes you could see. "Hm." You mutter, sort of guiding her to finish. "Do you know what Kaname-sama meant to Zero?" She asks, her fingers meddling in odd ways as she laps them over and over again. "Yu-ah, man why oh why." You shout looking up at the moon, then back down to her, as you finish, "You already know this Yu-chan, you know how I really like Zero, but he doesn't even notice me." The expression finally showing, Yuki smiles in relief but that doesn't last long as she walks up behind you, her hand on your shoulder. "Kaya, it's Zero, he isn't obvious to things around him, but you know he does watch you hard too, kind of like a love sick puppy." She laughs, hoping that it would cheer you up. She notices that it didn't help, as your painful broken expression still cover your face. "I guess so, hey I'm going to go for a walk around, and stay here for a bit until I come back ok." You say, changing the subject in hopes that it would put you in a better mood. Jumping down from the balcony, you slowly walk to the right of the building. You again walk to the fountain, the light smoothly cascading from the top of the water reflected up in your eyes. You lost them, and in the short moment a sudden image from your pass came to mind, the death of your mother, and how she died. A stray tear ran down your face, soon more followed. Locked deeply in your memory you remember vaguely seeing a vampire, pure red eyes, sharp glittering teeth covered in your mother's blood. Once the vampire noticed you, he took off and ran out the window. "NO!" You scream, even though you were only remembering your body physically drops to its knees. The bush rustles, causing you to open your eyes, snapping out of your moment. "Why are you out here alone?" A familiar voice says, soon he comes out his purple violet eyes, and silver white hair. "Nothing, Zero, why?" You ask, changing the subject to the second person from around you. "Don't change the subject, Kaya." He says, unlike Yuuki, Zero always knew. "It has nothing to do with you." You yell, turning your back to him and walking off in another direction. You could hear him walking, his foot steps not far behind. "Stop following me!" You snap, your voice in a firm low growl. "No." He says, his eyes scanning you. You stop, turning to face him, "Why?" You ask calmly, but still starring daggers as he holds you in his gaze. With out word he leans forward, his lips tightly pressing to yours, when you both break away you ask him, "Why?" He turns his head, you see a slight blush on his face. "Isn't it obvious?" He asks, you tilt your head to the left, clearly confused, "To what?" His gaze moves back, looking deeply into yours. "Isn't it obvious, that I like you." He says, blushing even more. Your right hand moves to his cheek, with your thumb caressing his cheek. "Zero, did you know what Kaname-sama meant?" You ask, starring into his violet eyes. "Yes, he knew you like me and some how he found out I like you." Still somewhat in a daze you had to ask him something was just bothering you, "How did you find out?" You ask, he turns his head again, "I'm not oblivious to things around me." He replies, then a sudden thought came to mind, the conversation between you and Yuuki appeared echoing. "You were eavesdropping on us." You say, looking at him. "So." He says, blushing a deep red. You smile, moving his face to have him look at you. Slowly leaning forward you press your lips to his, your hands finding their way to his chest, as his arms wrap around your lower back. "W-ait." You mutter in the kiss, he pulls back looking deeply into your gaze. Without word he lifts you in his arms, taking you to his dorm room. Six minutes later, lightly he lays you on his bed, soon undressing himself, and you with in moments. Your eyes closed as his lips moved over yours, then down your chin and on your neck. "Nnnaaahh." You moaned softly in the back of your throat, his eyes turning crimson as he begun to nip at your flesh. Little did he know your eyes turned as well, your nails grip his forearm, digging into his flesh. "Tssskkk." He growls, softly like he was enjoying it. Zero grabs your hands, holding them palm to palm down on the cover. His mouth moves over your chest, with his tongue dancing around your left breast and nipple. Feeling as if you were floating he continues to dance his tongue towards your right breast doing what he had done to your left side. You feel him move further down, lifting your legs over his shoulder and down to lay over his back. Your body kicking up in heat, as he moves his fingers to your clit, pinching lightly between his index and thumb. You arch your chest up in the air, eyes rolled in the back of your head. "Z-er-ro." You moaned, feeling you lose yourself in his actions. You couldn't contain yourself much longer, leaning up you reach for him. He looks at you, noticing just as you were. Your and his eyes bright crimson, full of lust singing with in. Suddenly he's on his back, with you over him. A clear shock like expression with a hint of playfulness shows now in his eyes. You give a wide smile, as you lean forward to his lips. Zero's arms move to your lower back, wrapping lightly around. He could tell you wanted him, your body told it so. You keep your right hand on his shoulder to keep him down, while you move your left hand down his chest, stomach and slowly wrapping your hand and fingers around his thick, lengthy member. "Ahhhmmm." He groans, closing his eyes. You leaned your head down to the nape of his neck and collar. Blowing lightly as you placed kisses up and down on him. You slowly started to stroke him, up and down with a light grip tightening. His breath getting heavy, while he kept his moans to the back of his throat holding them in. "Z…e…r…o." You say, slowly each one of the letters in his name, until you bite below his jugular vein, he growls with pleasure, and moans your name loudly like a tiger's roar. You smile playfully, as you lean up your head looking to his facial expressions. You stroke him hard, gripping around him more. His expression changes, when you suddenly stop. "Kaya." He growls. You take his member, putting it to your entrance. His hands move down to your hips, griping the sides. You lower down onto his thick cock, a light pain hits your body, but you didn't pay much attention. You were wanting to feel him and didn't wish to care how much pain you would feel. Just as he is all the way in, you lean your body forward, chest to chest as he thrusts up and down. "Zero." You moan, then you lean up with your palms on his chest, his thrusts moving faster. In and out, deeper with each thrust. "Kaya." He groans, then flips you on your back, lifting your left leg up and partly around his hip. While his left arm prompt him up, Zero couldn't hold back as he pounded harder and harder. His bed shook, and you moved your hands to his shoulders gripping them. Over and over this feeling washed up and in your body, your and his climax coming near. Zero kept up his deep thrust and speed, he hit in and out a couple of more times reaching his limit as you did to. "KAYA! ZERO!" You both scream, the sound like a roaring storm echoed in the halls of the dorm. Neither you or him cared if any heard, he moves from over you to your side. Again as you lay there next to him, you turn on your side prompting yourself with your left arm. You look to his face, seeing his beautiful, violet orbs looking into yours. Smiling to yourself with a bounty of satisfaction as you fet out of his bed and walk to the window near him. You open the window, a crisp and refreshing burst of wind blowing at the right time, around your nude body and through your hair. You hear shifting coming for Zero's bed, you continued to peer out as his arms wrap protectively around your waist. His face partly hiding behind your right shoulder, his sliver locks and violet eyes rested on with the outside light coming from the moon. You smile reaching your right hand up to toss his silvery hair, he turns you suddenly around, just starring into your bright orbs, "Obviously you're not completely…" you say, but he interrupts finishing the sentence for you, "Oblivious." After that was said he pulls you in his arms, your head touching to his chest. "I love you, Kaya." He says, you pull partly to look up at him and smile as you say, "Obviously, I love you too."

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XxXHanabusaXxXLingering in the taste of your bloodXxXAidoXxX Lemon one shot (Request for TheDarkWolfKiyo)

Alright as it says above this story has adult content, but only the information is up on this page if you wish for the story scroll down and highlight the link below to take you to the said story, Now this is a sexual theme based and isnt for those under the age of 16 either so please be advised.

Name: Kiyo Okami
Age: 16
Race: Pureblood, but doesn't act like it
Family: None (been living alone for most of her life)
Looks: Up above
(Very pale, silver eyes, long, white hair)
Abilities/Power: Fire
Personality: She is shy at first, but very lovable when you get to know her, laughs a lot, doesn't have a lot of friends because she is not very trusting, but is loyal to her friends until the end, would even die for them if necessary, likes the vampires at the academy except Ruka, really great friends with Aido and Kain, enjoys hanging out, sharing candies with Rima and Shiki.
Horoscope Sign: Capricorn


You rolled down the windows of the car that brought you to the school in which you were now enrolled in. You grabbed your luggage but was stopped as a man came out of the shadows wearing his hair back and glasses.
“You must be the headmaster.” You said with out a doubt, he nods.
“Cross Kaien.” He says giving a low bow.
“Please that isnt needed.” You say shyly.
“Agreed, follow me please Miss.Okami Kikyo.” Headmaster Cross says, you apply following him as your luggage was brought inside the Moon dorms. Your walk although quick was silent, you both entered his office.
“Here, there are some rules about this school. These are blood tablets, here is your uniform.” He said calmly then sat behind his desk crossing his fingers before his face.
“I have heard, vampires and human amongst one another. Who will be showing me around?” You asked respectfully. A sudden draft blew passed as you looked to your right up meeting a vived dark red eyes glancing back already familiar with who it was.
“Kuran.” You say politely and stood up giving a low bow to him out of pure respect.
“Okami, been long yes?” He said asking in his normal greeting.
“It has, shall we then?” You asked seeing as Cross stared at you both in awe.
“Yes, I will make sure she knows the rules well.” Kaname says as you both leave Cross’ office gracefully. He showed you around the campus but was mostly admired by the girl’s while the boy’s drooled over seeing you. You walked under the school as you admired the structure and all the things around it, Kaname brings you to a gate. The person guarding allows you both to enter, walking up some steps the leading to two large grand doors. Kaname opens one allowing you to enter first and him follow, several eyes dart upon you.
“I’ll show you to your room.” Kaname’s gentle, kind voice yet stern at the same time.
“Yes.” You replies and followed him once again up steps, a beatufil marble grand staircase. Once at the top he leads down a long hall way, he looks over his shoulder as your eyes gaze around like they were memorizing all the details before them.
“Beautiful.” He murmered catching your attention, gazing over to him.
“It is very, Kaname-sama.” You reply in agreement, he stops opening a door to a large room. Both stepping in, noticing your stuff was there. Kaname turns to leave and just before he shuts the door he looks at you half turned.
“Unpack, rest if you wish. I will sent someone to let you know when class will start.” He said and then shut the door. You opened your luggage placing your things as to were you wished them to be, looking around you see you have your own bathroom. You started luck warm water, walking out as you grabbed the uniform laying it upon your bed. You headed back into the bathroom, grabbing a towel laying it on the counter, next to the bath. You stepped in slowly, going down into the water until your chest deep leaving your head and shoulders out. Leaning against the porcelain tub, you wet a small hand towel. Wrung it out and placed it over your face with your eyes closed.

~Aido’s POV~
“I didn’t think she would ever come here.” Kain said with his hand over his chin. Everyone turned to look at him, I nodded “What do you think, Aido?”
“So you guys know of her?” Ichijo asked.
“We know of her, yes. She was around Kuran family once. She is known very well Okami clan that is.” I said remembering she was around when we were young.
“So what is she like?” Ichijo asked again seeming very interested, Kaname walks down and my lips shut tightly.
“Kiyo is her name, she is a pureblood but unlike many purebloods she would rather not be one. Hiding in the shadow is what she prefers.” Kaname states sitting down. “I asked her to join, I would like if you would give her the same respect.”
“Kaname-sama?” I called unsure, his gaze turns to me. “Why?”
“Why you ask.” He says standing up walking to the window. “Because Kiyo…has a problem trusting others, she has very few friends. I thought this would be best since I am the first and only friend she knows and trust.”

~Regular POV~
The refreshing feel of stepping out of such a bath completely settled you, drying and dropping the towel down you started to put on your uniform. You opened the door, walking down the steps everyone’s voice clearly being heard, but sudden silence rested on deft ears once they knew you were in view.
“Okami Kiyo, she is our newest student.” Kaname said introducing you. Everyones gaze focused on you like a transfixed, like the moment erupted in the blink of an eye.
“Ichijo Takuma.” The blonde, greens eyed boy said extending his hand out with a warm smile to you.
“Ruka Souen.” Another said, a female of that, then a boy with tow different eye colors came over. “Shiki Senri.” And followed by another girl that was behind him eating a pocky stick. “Rima Touya” You nodded and smiled at them. Then two more boys walked over another blonde and a orange haired. “Akatsuki Kain and this is Hanabusa Aido.” Kain said as he then pointed introducing the other. “KAIN!” Aido shouted, Kaname stood up and walked behind you. Like many times before he hugged but only to whisper in your ear. “Come with me Seiren will meet you later right now she is busy.”
“Very well and it was a pleasure to meet you all.” You said calmly and left with Kaname to the school grounds in front then everyone soon followed, another light haired vampire girl jumps from the branches. “Seiren, this is Kiyo.” Kaname said and she nodded giving a low bow. “Kaname-sama speak high and good of you.” She says, and you nodded.

Four months have passed since you started at Cross academy, and over this time you’ve been day dreaming of a certain blonde little trouble maker. Every night you and him been going out with Kain and sometimes that would lead into you three gettind scolded from Kaname, although Kaname knew you liked Aido so he knew you were acting out more with him around. Right now you sat next to Rima and Shiki eating a strawberry pocky. Part of the stick outside of your mouth as you sucked off the flavoring on the other end, you looked up leaning back on your elbows. The settle comfort as you gazed up and day dreamed soothed your feelings that rushed through your pounding heart. Just as your day dreams could echo in the back of your thoughts you heard his loud but beautiful voice shouting about.
“I won’t!” Aido yells, as they entered into living room area where you, Shiki and Rima were.
“Why?” Came Kain’s subtitle voice, you could hear the displeasure between them as you sat up. Aido looked down light rose hint cued on his cheeks, curious you watched them like a hawk.
“You know already why Kain.” Aido says. Kain looks to his left seeing you three there, he smiled then looked back to Aido. He leaned forward and whispered to the blonde vampire, and just as he walked away Aido looks over then back down walking away.
“That’s new.” Shiki noted with Rima nodding.
“What is?” You asked.
“I’ve never seen Aido act that way.” Shiki replied taking another pocky out and sticking it in his mouth.
“He was blushing.” Rima noted, you stood up and walked towards the stairs.
“Where are you going?” They asked in unison.
“Aido must be bothered by something, he is a friend so I will talk to him.” You said, and walked on up heading to Aido’s room. You knocked on the door, he opened his door. His eye were wide as he saw you standing there with a smile, he shook the expression off and stepped aside allowing you entry. Slowly you started to walk towards his bed, he snaked his arms around your waist. You couldn’t speak, nor say anything. All you could think about was how close he was and how your hands over lap his felt. Your heart pounding in your chest, your hands shaking.
“A-aido, what do you think your doing?” You stuttered in a whisper. Looking at him from over your shoulder he gazed at you for the longest time, his shining blue orbs meeting moonlit sliver orbs.
“What I should have done, I cannot hold my feelings for you any longer.” He huskily replied, you gasped now knowing he feels the same for you and you do for him. You had no time to reply as he found his lips pressed against yours. For a moment, you were lost in both your mind and soul. Not able to understand what was going on.You had’ve dreamed of this moment for the last few months when your feelings started to rise for him and now that it was happening, you were completely clueless on what to do. Fortunately for you, your body decided to react on its on free will.

Your eyes shifted close allowing him to do as he pleased, while you were shyly responding back. He licked your lower lip, begging for entrance hungrily; you parted your lips allowingly. His lips felt scorching hot against yours, molding, caressing and making you desire for more as he professionaly tasted every crevice inside your mouth. You could feel your hearts desire like never before course through, making you whimper when he grazed his fangs along your lower lip. His hands traveled all across your uniform, taking them off with swift turns and twist of his wrist. You gasped as he pulled you to him, your naked body pressing against his naked chest.
You were certain that he had been dressed when you had came in, but in the mere span of minutes, he was almost completely naked in the same way he took yours off. Your incoherent mind didn’t have enough time to process the situation throughly, especially not with the way his lips were now tracing down your neck.
“A-Aido.” You lightly moaned, gasping once again; fingers digging in his back as he gently nipped your pulse point. Your eyes rolling in the back of your head, you tried hard not to fall in his arms. He was doing the most sensual seductive things to your body, causing your knees to go weak.
“Hmm…ahhh” You purred out in sheer bliss, you can her the sounds of his lips against your skin. His hands traced down caressing and molding in places you never knew existed, leaving you breathless and panting as you started to leaned against him for support.
“Aido.” You whimpered huskily, your own voice sounding foreign to your ears with each moan and groan that left your lips,with him lightly groaning in return as he heard your tender voice escape each time. Before you even knew it, you found yourself laying on the bed. Your moonlighted silver eyes snapped open in surprise, but to no protest or question could came out of your mouth as he once again claimed those inviting lush velvet lips.

Your nails raked along his side, earning a groan from the blonde haired vampire.
“K-kiyo.” He groaned in delight against your lips, but you needed to hear him more. The feeling you felt with him was exquisitely wild, and addictive.
Breaking the kiss, you moaned. His touch against you, this feeling to you was so foreign, but at the same time very pleasurable. You were straining against him, back arching as you began feeling dizzy from this strange sensational high. You could hear yourself moaning his name, but your voice was so different even to your own ears.

Finally that you snapped, his name leaving your parted lips before you collapsed from his arms suspend over the bed. Your breath was coming and going in short pants and you could feel your body covered in sheer silky sweat, but this was nothing but his teasing way to you.
Your silver eyes looked up at him, to find him staring at you. You closed your eyes in bliss as you felt him nuzzle into your neck. His presence and touch were beyond welcoming.
“I love you Kiyo.” He whispered in your ear, bringing you out of your thoughts. Once again you felt his fangs trace your neck, your breath hitched in the back of your throat. Such a sinful pleasure was almost too much, for you to bare in mind. You could feel his hot breath on your neck and ear, words were being whispered.
“Mine, mine alone. No other may touch or feel upon you.” He pressed himself closer to your, with his rubbing sensually against you. Your still sensitive nerves, responding quickly to his arousing touch. You felt as if you were on fire, you needed him more and more. His large hands tracing over every contour and curve of your body, his eyes darkening in pleasure and pride as he watched you close your eyes once again in passion. Your lips looked swolled, hair was a mess and your skin flushed and covered in sweat, but to him you are the most beautiful creature.
“Aido.” You moaned, as the wimpered words left your lips that was all it took to snap those chains that held him back. Sealing his lips to yours, then moved down your body, over your breast. His left hand cupping your right as his mouth engulfed your left breast, you arched your back lifting gently off the bed as his right hand traveled below rubbing your clit. He soon changed position bring his hand up and replacing it with the other.
He moved after your breast both nipples harden, as his lips curved down your stomach and to your moist wet folds. His tongue teasingly licked over, and over as his fingers pinched your clit. You felt a small pinch as one finger went inside it started in a slow rhythm then as he began picking up pace. Soon followed by another finger, you lifted up your hips as his fingers thrust in more and deeper. You felt weird below, pulsing pleasure erupted your core with excitement. You felt him lean his head more down sucking sounds echoed as you held in a scream.
“Ahh Adddaaddiiioo” You moaned cumming onto his fingers. He lapped up your taste moving back up slowly as he licked his lips. You leaned up kissing him as you tasted your sweet delight and turned him over. You crawled down to his rock hard erection, licking the tip as you wrapped your right hand over his base and your left hand cupping his sac. You licked down his shaft towards the base then back up to the tip, repeating back down and up then you stuck the tip of his dick inside your mouth and started to suck bobbing your head up and down. First slowly then you picked up pace, your hand followed suit as you began jerking him with your mouth covering over him and your saliva dripping down with a silky coating.
“Kkiiyyoo.” He groaned and as you felt him pulse in your mouth the taste of his sweet delicious cum filled your mouth, he leaned up capturing your lips to his the mix of his cum and both your silva dipped out trailing down in between both of your lips as you parted. He lifted you up and over the bed once more as he hovered over you, his erected tip poking your entrance. He slowly entered, you gasped with slight pain with him going deep inside of you. You arched your chest up meeting his chest, as he started going slowly in and out.
“Ahh naaa Aido.” You moaned, he leaned forward to the crook of your neck.
“Hhhmmmnnnaa, Kiyo.” He groaned. His pace started to pick up, in and out; fast and hard.
“Aaaiiiddoo.” You moaned loudly, he grunted and moaned your name seconds after. A strong surge of pleasure, caused you to bit his shoulder lightly, but that only seemed to further arouse him as he increased his speed; in and out. Again the feeling you felt was like you were breaking in half. The strings that seemed to hold you, were getting tighter and tighter. Barely able to breathe, your heart wanting to burst out of your chest. Slowly you felt as though you were breaking, slowly going insane over the sensation that rocked through out your body.
“AIDO…KIYO!” His own shout mingled with yours, sounding more primitive as he too joined you, his fangs digging into your fragile neck. You only gasped, feeling pleasure once again wrack your body. Finally after seemed like an eternity to you, then you felt him release your neck. You smiled and soon let your fang graze over his tender flesh and into his neck, once you marked and tasted him you released. He leaned forward as you mixed one anothers blood, to your satisfaction he pulled you into his arms.
“I love you, Kiyo.” He said in your ear, you touched your neck smiling.
“Why did you mark me?” You asked, looking up at him.
“You’re mine, and you marked me as yours too.” He replied, kissed your forehead.
“I love you too, Aido.” You whispered softly to him, burying your face in his chest. Feeling exhausted finally taking over you let out a yawn.
As you finally succumbed to the awaiting darkness, body to tired to do anything else, but sleep. Aido smiled softly as he listened to your breathing even out. He kissed the crown of you head, then laid back on the pillow.
“I was only lingering in the taste of your blood that called me, my love.” He whispered closing his eyes. Unknow to you both, a dark haired red eyed vampire smiled. He was glad his best friend finally found her love, he was happy even though he smelt their blood’s bond to another; he walked away proud of them both for once he didn’t care that Aido bit someone.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kaname|~*~|Bending the elements, love is a charm|~*~|Kuran Lemon Oneshot (Request for MiakaHikari07)

Name: Miaka Hikari
Age: 17
Race: human, but later is turned into a vampire by Kaname.
Family: killed by level E vampire
Looks:Above picture
Powers: (when she's a vampire) controls weather, can use all elements, can talk to animals
how they met: she accidently bumped into him while attempting to run away from zero
Personality: shy
Horoscope: Sagittarius


You sat in class as the storm rolled loud, and flashing brightly in the sky you close your eyes thinking…

[Flashback, 12 Years earlier]

You were running from a person or so you thought as you witnessed them kill your family. Crying your eyes out as you came to a home clean and clear, fear shaken and scared had you. Unwilling to let go you knocked on the door, a man opened it as you dropped blacking out in a strangers arms.

[Flashback end]

You jumped in your seat as the sounds of the storm interrupted you thoughts, you leaned you head on your arms as they criss cross over your desk. You slowly started to close your eyes once again. As the bell rung, you walked out your class heading back to your dorm. You were lucky that night as you reflect on your memories of how you ran into the now chairman of the academy you attend to now.

You rub the temples of your head as you hear screaming fan girls of the night class, you run to your dorm and room to shake away from the crowd. You sit and study for what seemed like forever. You stood stretching out your sleeping muscles, walking to the window opening it. You inhaled a deep cool breath, then a sudden noise below your window caught your attention. You saw some of the day class ditching out on curfew, you jump behind them.

“What do you think your doing?” You asked them.

“No-nothing.” One girl replied.

“Well if you don’t want Zero yelling at you guys I suggest you go ba-” You said getting interrupted as the said man now standing behind you. You went dead silent in your steps. ‘Oh crap.’ You thought then jolted off out of nowhere, not wanting to get into trouble for being out on curfew.

“MIAKA GET BACK HERE!” Zero shouted taking off right behind you, fast. You ran and ran until your legs couldn’t no more. As you turned the corner you bumped into someone, rubbing you backside you looked up. You blushed seeing a man with dark hair and crimson eyes. He held his hand out, as you gladly took it.

“I am so-sorry.” You mumble shyly.

“No need it is fine, just be more careful.” He said kindly.

“Al-right.” You stuttered, he nodded then all you hear suddenly was a click of a gun.

“Kiryu.” The man said, as the other held his weapon out.

“Get away from her.” You heard Zero’s angry voice say, you went pale. Just as he was told the dark haired man walked off, you turned around to face Zero then looked up. The man walking off looked over his shoulder at you with a small smile.

“Pleasure to meet you Miaka Hikari.” He said, you blushed. You started to walk off when you heard a low growl.

“Come on.” Zero angry said as he pulled your arm aside dragging you back towards your dorms.

“Zer-o.” You stutter out at him, he looks down at you.

“Could you not pull so hard.” You said, he looks to your arm seeing his grip and loosening it.

“Miaka, I will let this go if you.” He said entering the dorms letting you go.

“If I what Zero?” You ask waiting for his reply.

“If you stay away from him, Kaname Kuran.” He said, you look down and nod.

[Three months later]

As you promised him, it didn’t stay that way. You often snuck out your dorm to meet up with him, tonight you snuck out on his request to meet near the moon dorms. You dressed and waited underneath your covers before midnight as your roommate sleep you got up jumping out the window. You raced as fast as your heart beat went, you saw him in the distance sitting there waiting for you to arrive.

“Kaname-kun” You say walking up behind him, embracing him at the same time. He turned around smiling, capturing you lips to his.
[Lemon Time]

Shortly after breaking the kiss you lean into his chest, he jumped up on the balcony entering into his room. You looked up kissing his soft lips to yours as you bite on his lower lip asking for entrance, he smirked in the kiss slightly opening letting you memorizing and battling for dominance.

Of course which you lost and as his prize he slid his tongue in your mouth memorizing every crevice and inch. He unbutton and takes your shirt of, as in time did you move your hands move to his and so did his at the same time. You broke the kiss meeting his gaze while shyly smiling to him.

“No allow me.” You said, voice heavy with lust. Then you began to unbuttoned your skirt, letting it fall away from her exposed lower half. You moved your hands up unclasping your bra next, letting your full breasts bounce free, rounded nipples pointed with arousal. His breath caught in his throat as his eyes moved over your smooth skin, over the swell of your breast; down into the cleft of your womanhood. His hands moved to undo his jeans, but yours stops his.

“Let me.” You breathed, undoing the button and pulling the zipper down slowly. He stared down as you pulled his pants off. His hard cock sprung free from the confines, pointing straight up into the air. You chuckled a little, settling between his legs.
“Mmm...ready” You whispered, and he could only nod, his mind clouded with lust. You opened your mouth delicately, swiping your tongue over the tip of his penis, eliciting a gasp from him. Smiling, you wrapped a hand around the base, licking a seductive circle around the head of his cock. He bit his lower lip, enthralled by the sensations.

“Are you wanting more?” You asked softly, taking the head of his cock in your mouth and sucking. Your hand slowly pumped up and down the shaft, sending sensations of pleasure shocking through his body.

“Yes…” He gasped out… “Yes…” He hissed in pleasure as your tugging became harder, your tongue swirling around the underside of the helmet. You smiled with his dick in your mouth, sucking harder.

His dick coming in and out of your mouth with a wet plop. Your hand was jerking him off rapidly, flashing up and down his rod as his breath grew more and more ragged. The next thing you knew, you found yourself being pulled off your knees with your back thrown onto the bed.

You squealed, feeling Kaname’s firm hands around your waist. You let out a stuttering moan of delight as he rubbed the head of his cock against your folds, silently demanding entrance to her wet hole. You nod to him, and he took off your panties.

“Yes…” You breathed out, he smirked down at you sliding the tip of his penis inside. Neither spoke for a moment, until he thrusted forward and buried himself to the hilt inside of your womanhood. Both letting out a moan of fulfillment simultaneously as his cock filled you. He smirked again, looking down at the pleasure etched on you face, and he wanted to see more.

He drew back his hips, leaving you moaning out at the loss of his cock inside. He chuckled and then slammed back inside you, eliciting another moan from both parties. Slowly, he began to draw himself in and out of your tight pussy, nearly pulling his cock all the way out before thrusting back inside of you. You gripped his upper forearms tightly, biting your lower lip in pleasure as the sensations rocked through out your body.

An unspoken cue as his thrusts began to quicken, made faster by the lustful anticipation. He slammed his cock into you faster and faster, making you call out his name in gasping moans as he fucked you thoroughly, his rock hard erection slamming in and out of your tight hot womanhood.

“Oh Ahh Kaname… oh, Kaname!” You moaned out, hearing him grunt.

He stared down at you, grunting in pleasure as you writhed underneath him, your hips bucking against his as he thrust into you, watching your breasts bounce with every thrust. His hands were clasped firmly around your waist as he plowed into you, moaning as the harsh contact sent shivers down his spine… “Miaka your so tight…Uhh” He grunted still thrusting in and out.

You moaned out his name again, taking his hard dick slamming into your tight pussy. A devious thought crossed your shy yet lust-ridden mind, and you smiled through your pants. Before he could ask why, you wrapped your legs around his waist, rolling him over on the bed and pushing his chest down.

“My turn, baby.” You said, licking his neck and thrusting up and down on his rock hard cock.

Kaname groaned with pleasure, rocking his hips in time to your thrusts, creating delicious friction in your bodies. His hands flew up to your breasts and he began to fondle with them, playing with the nipples and squeezing them firmly; round circles. You planted your hands on his chest as you thrusted harder and harder.

“Uh ahh…Kaname!” She cried, with your hips slamming down and driving his cock deep inside of you. He groaned, biting his lower lip. He couldn’t take much more of this. Leaning up, he took one of your nipples into his mouth, sucking at it and kneading it lightly with his teeth. He groaned as you smacked your pelvis against his again, hard.

“I’m going to come…” He grunted out, burying his face in your breasts as he slammed his hips up into you, drawing out a long moan of enjoyment from you. You moaned again, thrusting desperately.

“Uhhh ahhh, Kaname!” You moaned, he hissed in pleasure. Moaning loudly as he kneaded your breasts, he pumped in and out of you a few more times as you both come in unison mixing your juices together.

“Kaname.” You panted getting of him, laying next to him as he pulled his sheets over your bodies.

“Yes Miaka?” He asked pulling you closer to him.

“I want you to turn me so I may be with you forever.” You say closing your eyes.

“As you wish.” He said, lowering his head to your neck biting down then lifting your body to his neck cutting his flesh with his finger nails.

“Then bite me if you so desire.” He added, and you did sucking and marking him as he returned it to you…

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kuran::|♡|::Blood by Blood::|♡|::Kaname Lemon Oneshot(Request for blackfire21)

Name: Alex Parker
Age: 17
Race: Pureblood vampire
Looks:Pic is above
Personality: cold, tomboy, mysterious, only opens up to those who actually know the real her. She loves to sing and dance.


I wondered around the dark halls of Cross Academy, as I left my class to wonder outside I noticed a few of the day class girls staring up at the night class.

“Hey!” I shout at them, they turned looking at me then smiled.

“You should return to your dorms.” I stated.

“Why should we?” One questioned, helping her friend up. I smelled the fresh scent of blood fill the air and knew it was getting to the others, right then Yuuki jumped out of a tree.

“Now return to your dorms.” She shouted the feeling a pair of arms wrap around me.

“Akatsuki.” I growled. I watched as Aido walked over to Yuuki, he grabbed her hand taking a taste of her blood; sudden sound of a gun focused to his head.

“Let them go.” He hissed, Zero might not like vampires at any condition but he did not let it get in his way since I was taken in by our headmaster; Cross Kaien.

“I will report this, Kiryu and deal with them.” His voice said as he came from behind us, Kain let his arms fall from me as I walked to Zero and Yuuki.

“Yuuki?” I said hurt and sad.

“I am fine Alex.” She responded kindly, Zero kept his gun in hand watching the three wait for me.

“Zero take her and make sure she is taken care of.” I said to him, he gave a short nod taking Yuuki’s hand walking off.

__Headmaster’s office__

Kaname knocked before entering with us behind, he opened the door as the humble strict look came to Headmaster’s face.

“I would like to take personal punishment to Akatsuki and Hanabusa.” Kaname states, headmaster nods in agreement with the pureblood. Kaien’s attention then looks to you as the other three leave.

“Headmaster Cross.” I start until he lowers his head starting to cry.

“Father.” I then restart he cheers up after hearing this.

“Yes my eldest daughter.” He says smiling, you sigh already knowing he wouldn’t leave it be.

“I think it is true about how Zero’s body is rejecting the blood tablets.” I say, his attention looks away with worry.

“I see, well what do you suppose I should do then?” He asks.

“I do not know father.” I reply looking down in shame, he walks over putting his hand on my shoulder.

“Do as you always have done for them, keep watch and help when needed.” He states reassuringly, I nod with a smile then turn to leave.

__At the moon dorms__

After leaving headmaster’s office I left even class heading towards the moon dorms since sun rise would soon come. I walk close to a tree jumping up to sit in it to watch the rising of a new day, waiting until I heard a snap looking down to meet a set of violet eyes.

“Yes Zero?” I ask jumping back down in front of him.

“Nothing, just need help.” He says quietly, also noting he smelled of blood.

“Why?” I ask.

“Hm...she wouldn’t leave it until I finally agreed.” He replies, I smile at him and take out a cloth to wipe his lips and face.

“You shouldn’t do that you know.” I smirk. He looks down as I take him in an embrace. Letting him go since it was time, he smiles slightly leaving. Approaching up to the rest of them from behind.

“Alex-chan where did you go?” Rima asks as her and Shiki come walk side to side with you in the middle.

“Nowhere just walked around for a bit to clear my head is all.” I lie although their faces said other wise.

“Then why do you smell like him.” Shiki asks with a smirk as so do Rima, as they said this seeing a certain pureblood quiver up in front.

“Funny Shiki, but you shouldn’t say such creepy things.” I laugh lightly elbowing him. Everyone entered but only Seiren and Kaname walked up the stairs as for the rest of us taking seat in the living room.

“Well it is only an eight week suspension.” Aido says sipping on the faux blood.

“That isn’t something to be proud of Hanabusa.” Takuma says reading his manga.

“Well it was worth it, Yuuki-chan’s blood was incomparable.” He says, I stand up feeling very upset.

“Aido…” I viciously hiss then slapping him across the face.

“Stay away from her you understand...Yuuki is like my sister you will leave her alone.” I growled then walked away heading to my room.

__Kaname’s POV__

I left Seiren to do her job as I have asked, walking down the steps I heard Alex in an angry tone yell at Aido over Yuuki. Alex along with Kaien knows the truth about Yuuki. Alex stormed up the stairs mumbling about Aido that she didn’t notice I was there; she opened her door slamming it closed. I walked over hearing her singing, her voice like velvet as the notes hit my ears.

“Alex.” I said softly as she stopped then opened the locked door to let me in, she stood aside.

“Yes Kuran-sama.” She formally said as always, closing the door.

“Alex you know you can call me just Kaname.” I said sitting on her bed as she glided over near me.

“I know.” She responded sweetly. I couldn’t hold it in any longer but kept my composure, her smell, voice and the way she looked all around draws me closer to wanting her.

“Do you remember the first time we met?” I asked suddenly, she tapped her chin thinking the smiled.

“Yes I do remember why?” She said holding her tender lips in that smile I loved dear.

“I see so tell me then what it is you remember.” I said as I fought with my hormones of lust and desire.

__Back to your POV__

“I see so tell me then what it is you remember.” He said. I thought for a moment thinking of how we first met.

-Flash back-

“Alex wait here for a moment alright.” Father said as he went to answer the door, he soon came in with two others a little girl and a young boy.

“Alex this is Yuuki and Kaname.” Father introduced, I walked over to them and smiled.

“Hello Yuuki-chan, Kaname-kun. I am Alex.” I say introducing myself.

“Alex can you take Yuuki to your room, she will be our newest member of our little family.” Father exclaimed, I nod taking her by the hand to my room. As I help her in and bring her some clothes she smiles at me as I let her lay in my bed to sleep.

“Sleep tight Yuuki-chan and welcome to our family.” I said petting her hair back as she slept. I closed the door till it was cracked and walked back over to father and Kaname, before entering I stood listening.

“My mother spoke highly of you, yet you hold an other like myself?” Young Kaname said to Cross.

“She is a pureblood, last of her family and my adopted daughter. I promise you this she is in good hands.” Cross said to the young boy. I then came in entering as they didn’t say any more.

“Father, she is resting now.” I said breaking the silence they held.

-End of flash back-

After you remembered this you looked to the pureblood beside me, he smiled as I did.

“Kaname.” I said to him.

__Lemon Time__

Unknowingly we moved closer to each other, he placed his soft hand on my cheek then moved his hand to my chin pulling me to his lips. Our lips softly moving together like nothing before. He pushed me down on my back without breaking the kiss; his tongue licked my lower lip asking for entry which I gladly comply.

His tongue fought with mine for dominance, which he won and as his prize he flicked his tongue playfully all around my mouth. His hands moved to my sides rubbing up and down, slowly as he moved to my neck licking and sucking.

“Kan-ame.” I moaned as he sucked harder on my soft spot, my hands moved to his chest as I started to unbutton his uniform, he pulled away sitting up as I did the same. He looked down as I moved closer to him putting my hands on each side of his face bring him to look at me.

“Kaname I love you.” I said planting another heated kiss on his lips, this time he didn’t pull away as his hand traveled to my uniform unbuttoning the top. He stood up pulling me with him as he pushed me against the wall, his body holding me there. He took of his and my shirt, as his lips moved to my collar bone sucking and licking as he so pleased. I tossed my head back with delight.

He soon started to kiss down my chest unclipping the back of my bra letting my breast be exposed, he took in my right nipple hungrily sucking at it like a baby, while messaging, my left breast. I moved my hand up and down his chest feeling on his firm body, he grunted at my touch switching to my left breast giving the same treatment as the other.

“Uhh Kaname.” I moaned out feeling my body heat rise.

He pushed up against me hard making me wrap my legs around his waist, after I did he pulled away from the wall and headed back towards the bed. Throwing me down on it he climbed on top of me, kissing down my stomach and to the skirt line on my hips. He slowly unzipped my skirt throwing it to the side, he moved his left hand under my thong tickling and taunting my clit making me wet from his pleasing ways.

“Kaname.” I moaned again as he entered two finger inside my warmth. He pushed in and out fast and faster as he went deep and hard. My body begin moving with each turn of his fingers thrusting in and out. Not soon after did my body begin to feel something building up, I closed my eyes shut as the feeling got stronger.

“Don’t hold back release Alex.” He said pumping in and out faster then before.

“I want to taste you Alex please.” He added as I cummed into his mouth. He licked his lips moving back up to my lips letting me savor my taste. I flipped us over where I was on top moving my lips to his neck I began doing what he did to me, but slowly as I hear him whimper softly holding back his moans and groans. I bit lightly on his soft spot as he groaned out loud I began lapping up the blood.

“Alex.” He finally called in a moan giving me shivers up my spine.

Taunting his nipples as he did mine I felt a bulge in between my thighs, still doing my work on his chest I moved my right hand below rubbing against his bulge making him jump. I finished with his chest trailing kisses down his stomach to his pant line unbuttoning and unzipping as I pulled it down.

His erected bulge in his boxers grew more and more as I put my hand inside rubbing up and down his shaft, he groaned again as he grew in my hands. I pulled his boxers down throwing them on the floor with his pants, grabbing his dick again I started to lick the tip. He moaned my name as he gripped the sheets on my bed.

“Please don’t tease me Alex.” He said as his breathing hitched in his throat from anticipation. I licked the tip again moving my tongue down his thick shaft then moving back to the tip engulfing him inside my mouth, I sucked up and down until I knew he was fully hard. I glided my teeth against his tender flesh, he continued to moan my name. I started to bob my head up and down with on hand in rhythm on his shaft going up and down.

“Ahh…Alex fast please faster.” He groaned, I picked up pace going faster and harder as I could. He bucked his hips up making me deep throat him, he enter laced his fingers in my hair as I went faster. I felt his dick thicken even more as I tasted his pre-cum.

“ALEX!!” He yelled as he came in my mouth feeling his climax. I licked my lips and then the tip again savoring his sweet taste.

He pulled my by my upper arms flipping us over, I could tell he wanted more so he began to eat me out thrusting his tongue in and out. When he took his tongue out placing his dick at the entrance as I felt the tip tease my clit.

“Alex it will hurt for a moment are you sure you’re ready?” He politely said moving my hair from my eyes.

“Yes Kaname, I want you no I need you now my love.” You say as he claimed your lips ramming himself inside, tears leaked from your eyes he broke the kiss licking the tears away as he thrusted in and out.

“Kaname harder.” I panted as he rammed out and a sudden wave of please hit in.

“Again faster and harder.” I moaned as he hit my g-spot over and over again. He soon went faster and deeper I bucked my hips in rhythm with each thrust he made.

“Alex.” He groaned feeling his climax soon to come.

“Uhh Kaname.” I moaned feeling my walls tighten around his thick dick as he continued to thrust at a rough speed.

“ALEX!” He moaned my name as he spilled his seed inside me.

KANAME!” I to moaned as our juices collide in unison. He pulled out laying beside me panting as I moved to lay on his chest.
“I love you to Alex.” He said pulling the sheets over our naked bodies.

“Good.” I respond moving closer to him as he bite me marking me as his mate and I too do the same.

“Blood by blood.” He whispered as sleep took over our sweat and exhausted bodies.

“Forever and eternity.” I said sleeping in his arms as he protectively embraced me.